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This Time Next Year "Drop Out Of Life"

The hard-hitting pop punk album was produced by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert [A Day To Remember, H20, Fireworks], engineered by Paul Miner [New Found Glory, A.F.I., Atreyu], and mixed by Paul Leavitt [Circa Survive, All Time Low, Darkest Hour]. This Time Next Year is comprised of Pete Dowdalls [vocals], Brad Wiseman [guitar], Denis Cohen [guitar], Travis Pacheco [bass], and James Jalili [drums].

ñDrop Out Of Life is our way of encouraging people to quit whatever brings them down in life and go find out what it is you love,î explains Dowdalls. ñIf you hate something, why keep doing it? We're not telling people to give up; we're telling them to drop out. Life can be really tough but it's up to you to make it better. Be positive, always look forward, and do what you want.î

He continues, ñI want people to vicariously live through the heartaches and triumphs I've experienced over the years. Drop Out Of Life is as much about the people who always supported us as it is about our personal struggles. This record is dedicated not only to our family, friends and fans, but to anyone out there who has felt defeated, broken or helpless in life. Stay positive, keep your friends close and do whatever it is you want to do in life. Forget acceptance, forget normality, drop out of life.î

Equal Vision Records has also teamed up with No Sleep Records to release Drop Out Of Life on vinyl.

Track Listing: 
01. Drop Out Of Life
02. Better Half
03. Living Hell
04. Last Call
05. Modern Day Love Story
06. Spoontonic
07. Matchbook
08. My Side of Town
09. Get it, Got it, Good
10. Note
11. This is an Airport Train