Most Precious Blood "Our Lady of Annihilation" - Deathwish Inc

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Most Precious Blood "Our Lady of Annihilation"

This album was the first Most Precious Blood release to feature vocalist Rob Fusco (ex-One King Down). Needless to say, Rob's passionate desperation was a great fit for Most Precious Blood and the "Our Lady of Annihilation" album. Most Precious Blood's patron saint of detonation relates to the bands' personal lives and a tragic chain of events that's left them certain that we are here all alone.

Track Listing:
01. The Great Red Shift
02. Collusionist
03. Quiet Pattern
04. Growing Square Eyes
05. Your Picture Hung Itself
06. Funeral Photography
07. Life During Wartime
08. It Runs In The Blood
09. So Typical My Heart
10. Why Hyenas Laugh
11. Closure

Test Press:

First Press:
250 - Opaque Light Blue
500 - White
1349 - Clear