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Old Wounds / Trenchfoot "Split"

Taking their cues from metallic hardcore greats like Turmoil, Buried Alive, and Indecision, Old Wounds inject new life into the crushing, exhilarating vibe once wielded by that older generation of bands. Pitchfork.com described Old Wounds' debut as "lashing ahead at a furious hardcore clip... [it] pairs the maudlin pages of high school diaries with a grown-ass band's concision and power."

From upstate New York's Hudson Valley, Trenchfoot are another awesome young band carrying forth the metallic hardcore power of their older brothers' era into a new realm. Their dark, heavy sound nods to the manic depression of Cursed and the epic crust of Tragedy, and they have cut their teeth in the past two years playing with every hardcore band that matters, from Agnostic Front to Converge.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Old Wounds - An Ode To Love
02. Old Wounds - The Sharpest Knife For The Blackest Heart
03. Trenchfoot - Hexing Hope
04. Trenchfoot - Come To Find
05. Trenchfoot - No Escape
06. Trenchfoot - Crimes Of The Mind