Globe & Beast "Grandfather's Axe" - Deathwish Inc

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Globe & Beast "Grandfather's Axe"


On "Grandfather's Axe", the young San Diego quintet churn out anthemic hardcore, shrouded in gloom. Theirs is a unique combination of vibes: the aggressive meets the dissonant, the crushing meets the dismal. Somewhere between the frontal assault of Buried Alive and the spiraling depression of Kiss It Goodbye or Cursed, songs lurch forward like a wall of black storm clouds devouring all in their path. What makes it thrilling is not only the destructive power but the ominous mood.

Track Listing:ย 
01. The Weight
02. Stays The Same
03. Hand Of Glory
04. Body's Sore
05. Actuality Of Chaos
06. Days On Replay
07. Woven Deep Withing
08. A River's Mouth
09. Directions
10. Systems
11. Coexist
12. Creatures Of Habit
13. Grandfather's Axe