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Deadhead "Self Titled"


On their darkest release yet, DEADHEAD explore all avenues of despair, self-loathing, insanity, fear, and sacrilege with painstaking guttural fervor. Their crusty, evil, and down-right angry barrage on side A is pitted against the massive riffage and epic end tracks on Side B, and the black-on-black-on-black artwork is only a precursor to how dark this album truly is. Featuring 3/5 of Touche Amore (Jeremy, Clayton, and Tyler), Jake of Bleeding Kansas, and Eric of Restrained, this musical cast is not only talented lyrically, but musically sound and creative; this is not your typical naysayer-crust-punk band. Deadhead's self-titled release is not for the light hearted, but as it clocks in at just more than ten minutes, it's a record you'll have to (and want to) play over and over again. Features members of Touche Amore!