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Cathedrals / Bleeding Kansas "Split"

Metallic doom-punks, Cathedrals, meet Breather Resist-inspired Southern groove masters, Bleeding Kansas, for a 12" split that'll trample you with brutality while simultaneously lulling you into the heavy vibes of true Southern Comfort. Cathedrals blends sludgey, savage, and analog with a violent clarity to create a cut throat tone that gives "post-hardcore" a run for its money. Bleeding Kansas counters those primal urges with submersive, complex riffs that pulse through the grooves in the vinyl, taking drunken swings at those who stumble their way. This yin and yang release is for fans of Botch, Cursed, Coalesce, Trap Them, and Jim Beam.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Bleeding Kansas - Fortunate
02.Bleeding Kansas - Lucky
03. Bleeding Kansas - Nothing New
04. Bleeding Kansas - With or Without
05. Cathedrals - Sonora
06. Cathedrals - Daggett
07. Cathedrals - Jasenovac
08. Cathedrals - Vidal
09. Cathedrals - Candelaria