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Cerce / Stresscase "Split"

This split is a perfect example of how diverse punk/hc can be. Both Cerce and Stresscase feature female vocalists, yet they take very different approaches.

Boston-based Cerce is as much a riot girl band as they are a hardcore band. With a mix of strong instrumentals and vocals ranging from soft to scream, they have quickly separated themselves from the pack.

LA-based Stresscase, on the other hand, take their influences from power violence and thrash bands as much and hardcore - full throttle from the first note to the last note!

Track Listing: 
01. Cerce - Damaged Goods
02. Cerce - Intrusions
03. Cerce - Blossom
04. Stresscase - Lonely Leach
05. Stresscase - In Her Eyes
06. Stresscase - Instrumental
07. Stresscase - Shallow Gasps