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Mantar "Death By Burning"


The critically acclaimed and crushingly heavy debut from two piece German monster MANTAR. Recorded in 2013 originally available only in Europe via Svart Records, Death by Burning is a raw, self produced and 100% DIY display of power. The half German, half Turkish band has existed for barely over a year and manages to sound heavier than most five piece bands. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem. Early Melvins, Motorhead, Darkthrone. You name it. Don't call it sludge though. Everything as black as possible. A soundtrack for the final battle.

Track Listing:
01. Spit
02. Cult Witness
03. Astral Kannibal
04. Into the Golden Abyss
05. Swinging the Eclipse
06. The Berserker's Path
07. The Huntsmen
08. The Stoning
09. White Nights
10. March of the Crows