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Lowest Creature "Witch Supreme"

  • Lowest Creature is back with their new album ‘Witch Supreme’. Raised from the roots of their thrashy and neck-snapping debut album ‘Sacrilegious Pain’ the new album has a darker and more dismal sound of their own special brand of swedish metal.

    They use their finely crafted songwriting together with their lyrical content to portray an unforgiving world full of darkness, sheer terror and uncanny environments. Since their release of ‘Sacrilegious Pain’ (Isolation Records, 2019), the band have sold out several physical releases of that album and have made their presence known by touring across Europe and the UK together with bands like Darkest Hour, Leeway and Cro-Mags.

    Now following up to their highly acclaimed debut album, the band are hitting out with their second full length, 'Witch Supreme’ which will be released October 27th 2023 via Isolation Records. Lowest Creature have once again delivered a monster of an album in their effort to stand tall in their dark and cold home in Scandinavia, which so clearly influences their sound and lyrics - the dark and cold winters tearing through their axes like a knife to the bone and the old nordic mysteries portrayed in songs such as 'Under The Night Sky' and 'Conjuring Demons’' leaving you in a state of petrification.

    Recorded at Ljudkross Studio in Umeå, Sweden, the sound master Erik Lindberg and Lowest Creature took things to the next level. Mastered once again by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust (Sunn O))), Integrity, Mammoth Grinder, Midnight & more) in Oregon, USA, this album is a metal masterclass that has truly unified the sound.

    Track Listing:
    01. Boondock’s Tomb
    02. Under The Night Sky
    03. Into The Dark
    04. Conjuring Demons
    05. Witch Supreme
    06. Warg
    07. Illusions
    08. Rough Riders
    09. Hymns Of Death
    10. Beyond The Grave