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Katie Dey "solipsisters"


Solipsisters, the follow-up to 2016’s Flood Network, is a lost communique sent hurtling through the empty black of space. In these songs, Katie Dey refuses to be bound within the frailty of human form. Solipsisters insists, lovingly, that our true home lies somewhere just beyond. Her voices crackles as it reaches out, crumbling into the gorgeousness of decay as it reaches toward heaven and falls back down again and again. For all their loveliness, Dey’s songs are rooted in sorrow, in the tacit acknowledgment that this world was never safe for us. On Solipsisters, Dey is resolute. Surrounded by whining whisper synths that mimic the cacophony of a dying world, her trembling voice pushes on into infinity. Solipsisters is a dream made real. Here, Dey creates a world beyond the body, a world beyond the world. Here, at last, we are finally laid to rest, with one another, safe.

Track Listing: 
01. waves 
02. solipsisting 
03. stuck 
04. dissolving 
05. (at least for now) 
06. shell  
07. reflection  
08. escaping 
09. unforming 
10. sieve