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Kai Mark "Doll"

  • Doll is an exploration of catharsis through song, endured and then captured by songwriter Bryan Louie (The Twin, Joshua Fit For Battle, Heavy Vessel), performing under the moniker Kai Mark. The 4 songs on the Doll EP were originally penned while in complicated relationships that ultimately met their end, and the themes that run through them are soaked in noir penitence.

    In the frigid Brooklyn winter of late 2019 and early 2020, Doll was put to tape with the help of engineer and musician Jon Tehel (Aircrafting, Gunboat). Initially meant to just be a personal release of emotions to never see the light of day due to its raw honesty, friends who heard the tracks encouraged Louie to reveal the songs to the world in hope that others could find healing in them as well.

    The physical release of the Doll EP is pressed onto a single 7" record, with a jacket that boasts a mixture of reverseboard offset printing as well as screen printed overlays, giving it the touch of a mixed media art piece. Combining the digital printed photography and the grit & texture of the screen printing makes this a unique art piece, complete with gorgeous new music.

    This first pressing is limited to only 150 handmade copies, spread across two variants. We kept everything in the black & white theme with the front cover details being screen printed by hand here at Mind Over Matter.

    Track Listing:
    01. Eyes
    02. Force The Rain
    03. My Sweet Bird
    04. Loss