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Jon Edifice "Self Titled"


Anonymous and obscure outfit Jon Edifice offers up a deceivingly effortless and vaguely hopeful collection of striving post-punk hymns for a latent generation. This is the sound of comfortable encounters; it rolls across the eardrums and simply makes sense. There is no challenge here, what you hear is exactly what you get, it’s like showing up at the same job you have worked for the past 10 years or falling into bed at the end of the day. The problem is, once you get too accustomed to something change can be hiding just around the corner; ready to slap you across your smug face. Don’t take anything for granted, it might not be there for you in the morning. Jon Edifice is the soundtrack to taking the tried and true and making it vibrant and entertaining once again.

Track Listing:
01. Park
02. Stranger
03. Water In The Graves
04. Cold Condition
05. Fine Point
06. Distant Gardens
07. Gunman
08. Manufacturable Living
09. Morbid Community
10. Lonely