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Jeremy Bolm & Patrick Kindlon "JB / PK"

A new collection of poems by Jeremy Bolm (Touche Amore / Hesitation Wounds) and Patrick Kindlon (Self Defense Family / Drug Church).

"I've always wanted to work with Pat in a literary sense and I was thrilled he accepted the offer to do this project. We each wrote 15 poems without discussing what the subject matter would be. Mine is a mixed bag of writings I put down while preparing to work on the new TA album and two lost poems written while on tour in Europe in 2018. Inspired by wildfires, gas stations, the passing of my dog Marianne, and modern romance." - Jeremy

"These works were written in a parked car outside a correctional facility in upstate New York, after several weekend visits. They were committed to paper quickly in an effort to retain details. Despite the charged topic, this is not polemic or manifesto; just a collection of often sad and sometimes angry and occasionally cavalier poems." - Patrick

First Edition
38 Pages
Saddle Stitched
Flippable / Reversible covers
Stored in re-sealable cellophane sleeve.
Design by Nick Steinhardt