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Irish Voodoo


On Bodies "The Long Con"


ON BODIES plays dark, seething, highly-critical hardcore with a snarl.

Formed in 2012 by vocalist Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again) and bassist Rich Thurston (Culture, Blood Has Been Shed, Terror), ON BODIES rounds out its ranks with former members of Still Crossed and Suffocate Faster, and together they execute a distinctive brand of hardcore punk that's just plain mean.

On "The Long Con" EP, the band barrels forward at breakneck speed, while Moyal's vocals scold with commanding, rabid precision. And always, at the black, embittered heart of each song, is an uncomfortable and highly-critical sense of urgency and discontent. This EP is an uncompromising exploration of existential themes, and an unapologetic lambasting of organized religion and zealotry.

Track Listing:Β 
01. We Carrion
02. Decompression Here
03. Comes From Money
04. The Long Con
05. Seven Billion Savages