Le Almeida "Paralelloplasmos" - Deathwish Inc

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Le Almeida "Paralelloplasmos"


Le Almeida hails from Rio in Brasil and has been super active pumping out lo-fi indie/garage/punk for years now. If you have heard the Tape Rec - Death Friends LP, this is from the same mind and should be right up your alley. This record is just absolutely perfect raw pop - if you want to feel like you're in a convertible on your way to the beach, this is the perfect soundtrack. All art features Le's amazing collage work. Truly if stuff like Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, Butterglory, Pixies, Sonic Youth, and 90's indie in general spark your interest, this is guaranteed to please. Aysia says it might be her favorite album ever.

Track Listing:
01. Desampur
02. Ester
03. Ceu do Quintal
04. Voltando
05. Pro Interior
06. Fuck the New School
07. Bad Vibes
08. Fim Dos Ceus
09. Meus Argumentos
10. Cancer Dos Tropicos
11. Indiscutivel
12. Desgraduado
13. Lindomavel