Dialysis "Abastab" - Deathwish Inc

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Dialysis "Abastab"


On their second 7" Syracuse's DIALYSIS strike back with 11 more quick bursts of grinding punk hardcore nonsense. This time around expect more variety in the form of songs with cooing, gang vocals, and even a saxophone on one track. As a bonus this record will come with a comic book written and illustrated by frontman Ryan Canavan. Cover art for the record is supplied by Fantagraphics artist Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart) and half the pressing has blue covers, while the other half has pink covers. If you're into that sort of stuff leave a note with your order stating which color you prefer. All the actual records come on a cool orange/pink mix. The download for this record contains a bonus track(s) not on the actual record... ooooohhhh!

Track Listing:
01. DNA
02. Rust Valley
03. Hercule's Balls
04. Telephone Cut
05. Moondog
06. Tiles
07. Typhoid Mary
08. Thalidomide
09. Rat Flavored Hot Dog
10. Things I Like About This Place
11. Buttsack