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Hard To Swallow "Self Titled"

A half hour long blast of punishing hardcore sludge from this now defunct outfit. Furious thrashing hardcore combined with heavy doomy dirges, druggy, sludgy Eyehategod groove, weirdly lounge-y interludes and lots of beautifully fucked up riffage. Like the bastard offspring of Crossed Out and Black Sabbath. Features current and former members of: Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Teeth Of The Lions Rule The Divine and the Dukes Of Nothing.

Track Listing: 
01. Only A Glimpse Of...
02. Undercurrent
03. Barricade
04. Swimming
05. Action On
06. Thrown
07. Evespot
08. Stags
09. Stags
10. Dissolves Into
11. Dust
12. Monster
13. Hard To Swallow

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