Guilt Parade "Guilted Palace of Sin" - Deathwish Inc

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Guilt Parade "Guilted Palace of Sin"


“Looking at the cover of “Guilted Palace of Sin,” the new Guilt Parade EP, you’ll notice the emphasis on the word “sin;” it’s emblazoned in a stamplike, serif font and positioned dead center. Sin is just as easy to find off the cover. Guilt Parade, a hardcore punk band from Washington DC, spends the short time on their record railing against society’s most egregious and incessant sins — war, greed, power — over jagged guitar riffs and D-beat drums to create chaotic yet tight songs of opposition for the modern era.” -Ned Russin

Track Listing: 
01. The New Way
02. Total End 
03. Victim Insane 
04. BBTB 
05. Guilt Parade