Swashbuckle "We Hate The Sea" - Deathwish Inc

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Get This Right


Swashbuckle "We Hate The Sea"


Following their previous two LPs, released through international juggernaut Nuclear Blast, the brutal buccaneers in New JerseyÍs, SWASHBUCKLE, are loading their grapples to raid the deck of Get This Right Records, the label now preparing to unload the newest motherload of pillaging shanties from the trio.

With the We Hate the Sea EP, we are offered a glimpse at where SWASHBUCKLEÍs rum-soaked minds have brought them over recent years and where their impending fourth studio full-length release will take them. Bearing four hornswagglling new rippers dispatched in less than seven minutes, We Hate the Sea will blast unsuspecting landlubbers broadside with the might of a typhoon, undoubtedly utilizing some of the crewÍs most mutinous tactics to date, the jingles conceived in grog-soaked skirmishes and harnessed during sessions at The Sound of Revolution with Len Carmichael.

Track Listing: 
01. Beer Goggles
02. I Hate the Sea (And Everything In It)
03. Poop Deck Toilet Wreck
04. Slaughter on International Waters