Graf Orlock "Destination Time Yesterday" - Deathwish Inc

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Graf Orlock "Destination Time Yesterday"


15 Wild songs of complete mayhem at society's expense! Wow, what a fun trip down memory lane this has been, traversing the valleys of regret. DTY is the first of the gorlock trilogy, treading a narrow path of hideous stupidity and complete genius. When you just thought it didn't make an sense, a loop is thrown that makes you give up on any quest for meaning. Good job.

Track Listing: 
01. Tactical Destruction
02. 50 Year Storm 
03. Economically Viable 
04. Improvement Society 
05. Dutch and the Demon 
06. Prove It  
07. Massacre! Main 
08. Captives of the Thuggee 
09. Rotten Kid 
10. Hauser 
11. Personal Stuff 
12. Panic at the Galleria 
13. Boarder Crossing 
14. Marmot 
15. A Chat With the Pentagon 
16. Untitled