Glazed Eyes "Holding Out On A Dream" - Deathwish Inc

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Sunday Drive


Glazed Eyes "Holding Out On A Dream"

  • “Holding Out On a Dream” keeps heartfelt memories in focus, while attempting to move forward at the same time. This juxtaposition brings many emotions—felt across long drives, nights and days. The music from Pensacola’s, Glazed Eyes portrays these feelings in a way many people relate to—the nostalgic sound of late 90s alternative rock, mixed with emo sing-alongs ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Third Eye Blind or Teenage Fanclub. On their debut LP, Glazed Eyes is able to perfectly craft these infectious melodies that are suitable for singing along on a roadtrip with friends or quietly alone in a bedroom.

    Track Listing:
    01. (Garden)
    02. Indian Summer
    03. See You There
    04. Holding Out on a Dream
    05. Take My Hand
    06. Tried
    07. Way Down
    08. Eddie’s Song
    09. Wonder
    10. Fault
    11. Hardened Heart
    12. Don’t