Reservoir "Cicurina Vol. 1" - Deathwish Inc

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Reservoir "Cicurina Vol. 1"


The release features 4 brand new songs that will all lay on one side of a 12″. Incorporating elements of 90's emo, and Explosions In the Sky-esque post rock, RESERVOIR delves into many genres, only to form an intransigent cohesion of melodies. Tracks like "Breathe Disaster" seem to adhere to the more post-rock side of things and showcase more of the ambiance on the record, while "Gardens" is the quiet cut on the record, featuring more of a Mineral vibe.

Since the band's formation they have accumulated 3 other releases including "Into Endings," a split 7″ with Bicycle Ride, and a 7 song EP entitled "I Heard You As I Walked Away." Reservoir's earlier stuff pays homage to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, and Small Brown Bike, but with their evolved sound they began to incorporate more raw and textured sounds taking nods from Codeine and Low.

Track Listing: 
01. Breathe Disaster
02. Waves Erase
03. Beyond The End
04. Gardens