Thou "Tyrant" - Deathwish Inc

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Thou "Tyrant"


This is a record that sparked what has become an excellent relationship with one of my all time favorite bands. ItÍs no secret that IÍm a huge dork for Thou, anyone who looks at my catalog of releases can tell, IÍve done more records for them than any other band. Andy Low from Robotic Empire first hit me up about Thou in late 2007, hinting I should check them out and consider working with them since his schedule was full at the time. I was immediately and thoroughly floored by their debut full-length recordings. What an unbelievable first offering. I emailed Bryan Funck as fast as I possibly could, as though the extra five minutes I may take would result in a lost opportunity to work with one of the best new bands IÍd heard in a LONG time. Well, despite my inquiry to release some vinyl, we settled on working together to release the Tyrant CD. Good job to Bryan and I for missing the awesome type in the gatefold of the first pressing. So it goes. The second pressing saw the spelling error fixed and the booklet updated. Oh crap, that reminds me. The first pressing also had problems with the CD booklets. Whatever amature hacks the CD broker were using to print the booklets thought it would be a great idea to run these on old re-purposed overrun/waste stock. Yup, thatÍs exactly what it sounds like. There were definitely a large number of booklets where you could read MERLE HAGGARD through, what was supposed to be, solid black panels of print. In addition to that, you could see CUT marks on the finished booklets. Really? Good job, printers. You failures. The broker re-ran the job and everything ended up OK, I guess. My blood pressure just went up thinking about how irritating this all was. Oh yea, the black coverage was AWFUL on the first run, too. I need some tea now, brb. OK, thatÍs better. The second run of print was all handled by Stoughton printing (who make those nifty heavy-duty gatefold jackets), and turned out perfectly excellent. -Gilead

Track Listing: 
01. Tyrant
02. With A Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
03. Fucking Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
04. I Was Ignored, And Judged, And Cast Down
05. Monstrance
06. What Blood Still Flows From These Veins?
07. Acceptance