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Get The Most "EP Collection"


This s/t LP will include both the “Common Goals” and “Moment in Time” EPs, which were originally released by Crucial Response, as well as the out of press “Core Values” demo which was RXR-001. The tracks are being re-mastered by Carl Saff who also worked with the band on the “Together” LP and we’ll be pulling out all stops to make sure this release sounds amazing. All the art duties are being handled by Face so it’s definitely going to have a tight vibe!

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Think It Through
03. Strive For More
04. Break Out
05. Take Action
06. It's Not Over
07. Pass It On
08. Material Desires
09. Brainwashed Youth
10. Clock Me Out
11. Common Goals
12. It's Up To Us
13. Loud and Clear
14. Core Values
15. Apart From You
16. Moral Fraud
17. Blizz-Outro
18. Good Things