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GAZM "Heavy Vibe Music"


Tethered between two worlds: the real, and unreal; heaven and earth; hardcore and punk. Montreal's GAZM is the celestial link sent to meld and destroy. With vibes heavier than lead, their debut LP weighs down on all who hear it and forces listeners to slam or face their demise. Fourteen tracks that take you from the grimy city streets, straight to the hell that lies beneath. GAZM will be enforcing their cruel reign of terror upon the US this summer and the LP is only the meager beginning to the damages that will incur. Limited 100 limited slime green for band and mailorder packed in a full color glue pocket sleeve with artwork by GAZM's own, Sebbe.

Track Listing: 
01. Fuck With Me 
02. Good Game 
03. Stupid Motherfucker 
04. Deadbolt 
05. No Worse Fortune 
06. 1-800-CRY-BABY 
07. Killing Wind 
08. Fire in my Skull 
09. Cupid's Lonely Son 
10. Industrial Strength 
11. Put the Pedal Down 
12. Pair O' Dice 
13. The Endless Lot 
14. W.A.Y.G.S.A.