Gaytheist "How Long Have I Been On Fire?" - Deathwish Inc

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Gaytheist "How Long Have I Been On Fire?"


Gaytheist returns with their 5th full length record and their finest work to date. Following several years of living on opposite ends of the country, the band reassembled in Vancouver, Washington and delved into a writing frenzy. Once again under the watchful eye of master engineer Stephan Hawkes, Gaytheist recorded all of HLHIBOF on the last weekend of June, 2019. 13 songs of KABOOM rock, depression anthems and various attempts at communication. Feedback, rhythm and speed, it is an amalgamation of punk, hardcore, metal, and wild rock. Incredibly catchy leads and soaring vocals are carried by subatomic, weighty bass grumblings while a tornado of drum wailing knocks the listener on their ass. Oh, and they're really funny too. Who says metal has to be so serious all the time? “How Long Have I Been On Fire?” captures a band able to dissect serious topics and weighty feelings while exuding the essence of joy through anthemic and completely kick-ass music.

Track Listing:
01. The Dark Deep 
02. Let the Wrong One Out
03. hashbrownsblessed
04. Crooked
05. Hornswoggled
06. Fetid Delights
07. Dental Records
08. Border Patrol
09. Anticestry
10. It's Reigning Men
11. All Choices End In
12. Death Dropping Shit Loads Of Truth Bombs Into a Swirling Pool Of Knowledge
13. Doing Great! Never Better!