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Funeral Advantage "Body Is Dead"


After two years, and multiple EPs and split releases, Funeral Advantage is finally here with a debut full-length album. Titled after the 10-minute long closing track, Body Is Dead serves as an excellent introduction to indie/ dream-pop of Tyler Kershaw, and an even better continuation of his past work. Following on the heels of his most popular release, in the split 7" with Former Ghosts, Body Is Dead incorporates many of the electronic and indie rock elements of that release, but infuses a deeper semblance of pop. This collection of 10 new songs is without a doubt the catchiest and dreamiest thus far.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Equine
02. Sisters
03. Should Have Just
04. Gardensong
05. Back To Sleep
06. That's That
07. Cemetery Kiss
08. Then I'll Look
09. You Sat Alone
10. Body Is Dead