Fathers "Self Titled" - Deathwish Inc

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Fathers "Self Titled"


"From Decibel Magazine: 'A post-hardcore/prog-metal amalgam, the band has trace amounts of various influences, but really live on their own wavelength of imaginative songwriting played with a bloodied, punk rock persistence and a seemingly limitless arsenal of memorable riffs. And that's not just thrown-off hyperbole - nearly every song here has a hook that threatens to stick with you for the rest of the day. In more concrete terms, it's a record where your favorite song constantly shifts, forcing you to go back and, to be on the safe side, just listen to the whole thing again.

Technically, the only drawback is the vocals. They're not bad: actually they're fantastic and provide much of what makes the band so distinct and memorable! But they are weird. Jared Warren from Big Business/Karp doing an impression of the guy from Coheed and Cambria may be unfair, but it's in the ballpark. Yet, while polarizing, I'll reiterate that there's at least one camp who will find them incredibly compelling and feel they make the whole package that much better.'"

Track Listing:Β 
01. Brawler
02. No Joke
03. Father
04. Fight!
05. Fools
06. 12
07. Don't Tell
08. Swamp Witch
09. Mr. Clutter