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Fange "Perdition"

France's FANGE has navigated through their most active year yet defending "Privation", engaging in two European tours and making multiple appearances at festivals throughout 2023. Far from dampening their creative fire, the band was in parallel writing "Perdition" — six new tracks and a creeping cover of Bernard Lavilliers. The entire recording and production process was executed by the band, with mixing and mastering duties once again handled by Cyrille Gachet and Alan Douches.

Conceived as a spiritual successor to 2020's machine-driven "Poigne", "Perdition" expands upon the concept of a less riff-focused release while also embracing the cleaner, more desolate atmosphere explored on "Privation". Built and refined during the summer of 2023 upon foundations made of mutilated death industrial loops and grievous melodic guitars, the album serves as a testament to the band's distinctive identity, placing emphasis on the gloom and the martial — spleen and discipline.

Track Listing:
01. Césarienne Au Noir
02. Mauvais Vivant
03. Toute Honte Bue
04. Foudres Fainéantes
05. La Haine (Bernard Lavilliers)
06. Lèche-Béton
07. Désunion Sacrée