Eyes Of The Lord "Misery Feels Like Home" - Deathwish Inc

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Eyes Of The Lord "Misery Feels Like Home"

Two years after the release of the 12" EP "Call It War", Eyes Of The Lord return with "Misery Feels Like Home". Fifteen new tracks produced and engineered by Taylor Young of The Pit Recording Studio, Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege and featuring the artwork on DRAIN. Vinyl comes package in a gatefold jacket and is accompanied by a printed innersleeve, folded 24"x36" poster and a digital download.

Track Listing: 
01. Survival
02. Should Be
03. Misery Feels Like Home
04. Three Parts Sad
05. Seventeen
06. Looking For An Enemy
07. Addicted To Suffering
08. Too Many Dead Friends
09. Bits
10. Mind Of The Page
11. Broken Hearts
12. Feels So Wrong
13. Relapse
14. Rakkasans (1/187th)