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Excide "Deliberate Revolver"


Deliberate Revolver" is an apt title for EXCIDE's full length. The band set out to write the follow-up to "Actualize/Radiation Reel '' early 2020 in the midst of their own revolving ideas, members and locales. The band found themselves with 11 creative tracks clinging to their hardcore roots while expanding their sonic range to include sweeping vocals, phrasing guitar effects and tribal drums. As a result, EXCIDE have created an intentionally written record that sounds entirely their own.
FFO: Quicksand, Snapcase, Turnstile, Higher Power

Track Listing:
01. 12 Steps
02. Necessary Means...
03. Human Error: Overload
04. The Portrait, Now Percieved
05. Marion
06. Perdition Now
07. Burn This
08. Flip
09. Common Ground
10. Uncoil
11. Timeglue