Deflect "Mass Delusion" - Deathwish Inc

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Eighty Sixed


Deflect "Mass Delusion"


"Fully-automatic hyper-aggressive complex sonic demon engine sequence experiment erotic neolithic ecstasy folk surgery cathartic suicidal intention bullet casings electrical wires american self castration demoralizing bombardments satanic corridors consuming battlefields putrid futurism maimed savant christ the dual personality criminal. There is nothing more evil in the universe than man."
-Oliver Gale

Track Listing: 
01. Mass Delusion 
02. Corrupted By Pleasure 
03. Destiny Has Unfolded 
04. Distorted Sight 
05. In the Course of Time 
06. Flash of Memory 
07. Fear Ignition 
08. Fruitless Struggle 
09. Reward Worth the Sacrifice 
10. Act of Annihilation 
11. Lurking in the Shadows