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Reproacher "Nature's Bastard"


It snows in Wyoming in May. While the rest of the country enjoys the birth of spring and the start of warmer weather Wyoming sits under the gloom of cold and snow. It makes perfect sense that Reproacher creates gloom and despair with "Nature's Bastard", their newest full length. The darkness breed angular noise and ferocious d-beat hardcore mixed with hoarse screams of annihilation.

From the first proper track "Celestial Blackout" the band shreds through with their d-beat meets noise rock brand of musical annihilation. "Poisonous Miasmas" continues this style while "Garrote" starts with distorted bass and almost industrial drum patterns before the band brings it back to their trademark downbeat dissonant nihilistic rage. The title track "Nature's Bastard" definitely opens the band up to something different yet still wholly their own.

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Celestial Blackout
03. Poisonous Miasmas
04. Garrote
05. Sundown
06. The Endless Tide
07. Futility
08. Cold Blue Clay
09. Nature's Bastard
10. The Great Equalizer