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Colonial Wound "Degradation"


Colonial Wound's goal from the start was to create driving, aggressive and noisy music - that is exactly what they have accomplished on their newest, uncompromising 3 song EP, "Degradation". "Degradation" will surely call to mind the band's wide ranging sonic influences with everything from Unsane to Deadguy and Botch.

In 2018, what initially started as a project between two friends, Ben Clifton and Dylan Mikos, in 2018 turned more serious as a result of the collective loss of a very close friend. With newfound creative fire and passion, the pair set out to recruit long time friend John Edwards to play drums in early 2019 and the writing of their debut EP, "Untitled", had begun. For Mikos, vocals and bass, the songs were very personal. Pertaining to the shared tragedy, but focused on the struggle to navigate loss individually. The band met their goal of creating aggressive, noisy music and set the EP into the world that summer with no firm expectations. The EP gained attention of heavy music fans, particularly hardcore podcast Axe to Grind and Dropping Bombs Records. Almost simultaneously the band's release was readily shared and they began working with Eric Scobie at Dropping Bombs on a vinyl release that came out in early 2020.

The band continued to rage on. With Mikos stepping away from vocal duties, the band recruited long time friend Jeremy Atkins into the fold. As if not missing a beat, the band collectively focused on writing a three song set to demonstrate their strengths. The result is the 2021 EP, "Degradation". These songs are a clear example of the band's ability to channel both heavy and aggressive. The songs showcase a unique drumming style that oscillates between heavy and driving to fast within the span of a second. The sheer force of the drums fit perfectly into place with open, rumbling bass that continues to carry each song along opening up opportunities for a confrontationally clear and poignant vocal delivery. The aggression of the rhythm section is sustained by the surge of loud and powerful guitars adding even more dynamics through their razor sharp melodies heard throughout. "Degradation" thematically points to the fact that everything works towards its own end, but we can only hope that end is far from now for Colonial Wound.

Track Listing:
01. I
02. II
03. III