Coaltar of the Deepers & Boris “hello there” - Deathwish Inc

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Dog Knights Productions


Coaltar of the Deepers & Boris “hello there”

  • Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers (COTD) started off at the same time in the early 1990s. For some time, Takeshi of Boris was heavily influenced by Deeper, and they were also aware of each other's existence. In fact, they first collaborated on Boris' "tears e.p." back in 2019, where Boris covered COTD's 'To The Beach' (Tortoise EP - 2007) and Narasaki, vocalist and guitarist of COTD, produced the sound for this release. Both bands have performed together in Japan numerous times and ideas for collaborating on a split release have gradually been materializing over the years, resulting in "hello there" releasing March 2024 via Dog Knights Productions.

    Both bands have a 30-year history of crossing over genres with their unique methodologies. The concept of this album is to "present newly recorded self-covers of past songs to today's listeners," and "a new attempt to specify songs to the other band and cover each other's songs". This resulted in a split album that highlights the two bands' stance of linking the past to the future and their shared aesthetic.

    COTD is not well-known outside of Japan, although they have had a profound influence on Japanese music and anime culture. This album will finally give COTD the chance to introduce their relatively-unknown history to people outside of Japan. This work will be the beginning of another update of extreme/heavy music.

    Track Listing:
    01. Wipeout - Coaltar of the Deepers
    02. Melody (Boris Cover) - Coaltar of the Deepers
    03. Waterbird - Coaltar of the Deepers
    04. Killing Another - Coaltar of the Deepers
    05. Luna - Boris
    06. Quicksilver - Boris
    07. Serial Tear (Coaltar of the Deepers Cover)