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Captive "Black Leather Glove"


Captive is an electronic pop group out of Austin Texas…They are influenced by the New Wave, Cold Wave, Dream Pop and Gothic Rock genres of the 1980s..Although the band makes no attempt to hide their influences, they are dedicated to writing original songs with driving hooks and melodies unlike other modern groups who tend to focus on recreating past sounds…Captive recorded 7 original songs in the summer of 2013 then continued the process of writing and ended up recording 3 new thematically interconnected tracks (Leaving Home, I’m Long Gone, Coming Home) and finally finishing the album a year later..Expertly recorded by Dustin Coffey on 8 track tape and then mixed and mastered by Anthony Davis..Ryan Foster plays guitar, Mike Naccarato plays bass, Mitchell Krumm plays synths and drum machines, Rusty Kelley does vocals and Emelia McKay does guest vocals on select tracks including the hit song Coming Home.

Track Listing:
01. Leaving Home
02. Black Leather Glove
03. The Fool
04. Love Is Law
05. I'm Long Gone
06. Exaltations
07. The Maze
08. The Staircase
09. Coming Home
10. Endless Lust