Boysetsfire "While A Nation Sleeps" Deluxe - Deathwish Inc

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Boysetsfire "While A Nation Sleeps" Deluxe


The comeback album from 2013 completely remastered plus 3 rare acoustic tracks, 4 unreleased songs from the legendary BBC session and extensive liner notes.

Track Listing:
01. Until Nothing Remains
02. Closure
03. Heads Will Roll
04. Phone Call (4am)
05. Everything Went Black
06. Save Yourself
07. Reason To Believe
08. Far From Over
09. Let It Bleed
10. Never Said
11. Wolves Of Babylon
12. Altar Of God
13. Prey
14. My Life In The Knife Trade (Acoustic)
15. With Stars In Your Eyes
16. Did You Forget?
17. Release The Dogs (The BBC Session @ Maida Vale)
18. Never Said (The BBC Session @ Maida Vale)
19. Everything Went Black ( The BBC Session @ Maida Vale)