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Bon Iver "I,I"


'i,i' is Bon Iver’s most expansive, joyful and generous album to date. If 'For Emma, Forever Ago' was the crisp, heart-strung isolation of a northern Winter; 'Bon Iver' the rise and whirr of burgeoning Spring; and '22, A Million,' a blistering, “crazy energy” Summer record, 'i,i' completes the cycle: a fall record; Autumn-colored, ruminative, steeped. The autumn of Bon Iver is a celebration of self acceptance and gratitude, bolstered by community and delivering the bounty of an infinite American music.

Track Listing: 
01. Yi 
02. ​iMi 
03. We 
04. Holyfields, 
05. Hey, Ma 
06. U (Man Like) 
07. Naeem
08. Jelmore 
09. Faith 
10. Marion 
11. Salem 
12. Sh'Diah 
13. RABi