Bolt Thrower "The IVth Crusade" - Deathwish Inc

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Bolt Thrower "The IVth Crusade"

With the 'IV Crusade' Bolt Thrower cemented their status as legends of the Death Metal scene. As the intro of the first and title track 'The IVth Crusade' strikes into life ahead of that first devastating riff you know that resistance to the relentless pummelling might that is Bolt Thrower is futile and so let it consume all!

Track Listing:
01. The IVth Crusade
02. Icon
03. Embers
04. Where Next to Conquer
05. As the World Burns
06. This Time It's War
07. Ritual
08. Spearhead
09. Celestial Sanctuary
10. Dying Creed
11. Through the Ages (Outro)