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Broken Limbs


Human Bodies / Leather Chalice "Split"


Out now via Broken Limbs is another fine slab of hate-fueled, black metal misery. Boston's Human Bodies, having just completed a full U.S. tour to great aplomb, and NH act Leather Chalice, continually forging nihilistic hymns, now come together for a split release that's not one to miss.

Human Bodies started as a recording project in October of 2013 and recorded its first demo as a two-piece using a computer interface and programmed drums. Since then the band has grown to include an ever evolving/revolving studio line-up, releasing the No Life cassette EP in the winter of 2014 and various demos in its yet brief existence.

New Hampshire's Leather Chalice is a one- man blackened punk project consisting of Jann from Ramlord. Heavily influenced by Venom, Discharge, hard drugs, depression and total defeat of the human spirit by modernism.

Track Listing:
01. Human Bodies - Only The Sigh
02. Human Bodies - Malice Prepense
03. Leather Chalice - Good Intentions (Coming Home Part One)
04. Leather Chalice - Last Gifts Of Worship (Coming Home Part Two)