Bastard Noise “Incineration Prayer - Self Righteous Suicide” - Deathwish Inc

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Bastard Noise “Incineration Prayer - Self Righteous Suicide”

  • Bastard Noise is a noise project founded in 1991 by musicians Eric Wood, Henry Barnes, and W. T. Nelson. The project started as a type of sister band to the trio's previous group Man Is The Bastard. Man Is the Bastard broke-up in late 1997 but Bastard Noise continued on as it's own entity and has been Wood's ongoing project.

    Early recordings from the group's extensive discography were mostly self-released and predominantly featured only electronics and vocals. Since its formation, however, Bastard Noise has made releases with underground labels such as Three One G, Relapse Records, Gravity Records, Deep Six, Vermiform Records, Robotic Empire, among others.

    During live performances, Wood often recruits other musicians to perform with him, the likes of which have included Merzbow, Justin Pearson, Keiji Haino and many other collaborators.

    Track Listing:
    01. Incineration Prayer
    02. Self Righteous Suicide