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Angel Du$t "A.D."

Angel Du$t is an American hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2012. It all started with their first EP, Xtra Raw, a collection of 8 songs that managed to be as catchy as they were explosively energetic. Traces of influence from bands like Bad Brains, The Stooges, Poison Idea, Black Flag, and Misfits are apparent, yet Angel Du$tmanages to contribute something truly unique that could have only come out of Baltimore. Even with influences that seem to draw deep into the ’80s and earlier, Angel Du$t finds a way to approach it all with a youthful honesty, with songs that touch on everything from the personal to the sexual to the socio-political. Their first full length, A.D., is due for release June 10th on REACT! Records / Reaper Records; 12 tracks recorded with Brian McTernan (The Explosion, In My Eyes, Polar Bear Club) that blur the lines between punk, hardcore, rock, and pop.


Track Listing:
01. A.D. 
02. Smash You Up 
03. Let It Rot 
04. Beat My Brain 
05. Take My Love 
06. Squeeze 
07. A.D.D. 
08. Stepping Stone 
09. Poison 
10. Big One 
11. Pacify Me
12. Set Me Up