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Ghost Spirit "Hourglass"


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Fresh off their west coast tour with The Fall of Troy, Los Angeles DIY screamo outfit Ghost Spirit returns with their new LP Hourglass on Twelve Gauge and Blue Swan Records on October 18, 2019.

Reteaming with grammy nominated producer Jack Shirley, the 8-track record leads with the blistering dissonant breakdowns of A Riddle, No Answer, then pulls you through a descent of heartfelt and urgent hardcore compositions. New member and scene veteran Nikolas Soelter (Calculator, Never Young) joins Niko Zaglaras (Lord Snow, Raw Nerve) on second guitar to bring an even more focused harsh sonic aesthetic than found on their previous self-titled LP as well as their split with Nova Scotia’s Frail Hands. On the record’s climax Look To The Stars, Taylor Jewell’s (Nuvoluscara, Elle) kinetic and signature crushing drums along with Alex Bigman’s (Seeing Means More, Fight Fair) desperate screaming showcases the band’s roots with influences including Portraits of Past, Envy, and 7 Angels 7 Plagues. In a line of consistently intense releases, Ghost Spirit’s third LP solidifies their place in the community and puts the band in league with contemporaries Portrayal of Guilt, Loma Prieta, and Touche Amore.

Artwork by M. Harrison of Aught \ Void

Track Listing: 
01. A Riddle, No Answer
02. Rome
03. Lonely Ones
04. Lilacs
05. Desire Lies
06. Maybe Someday, Maybe Never
07. Look To The Stars
08. Remembering

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