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Twelve Gauge


World Peace / Blame God "Split"


This release brings together WORLD PEACE from Oakland, CA and Blame God from New York, making it a duo of West Coast and East Coast grind. WORLD PEACE’s four tracks, cumulatively clocking in at just over two minutes, show the band honing their signature sound: lightning fast, no guitar, straddling grind and power violence. Blame God’s side compliments well with their own mix of grind, power violence and death metal, their tracks delivering a slightly more expansive sonic pummeling. Both bands bring their most magnetic songs to date, making this split fast and grimy, and leaving the listener forced to hit replay.

Pressing Info:

125 x Black
175 x Clear
200 x White

100 x Black w/ White Print (Twelve Gauge Exclusive)
50 x White w/ Black Print (Band Exclusive)

Track Listing:
01. World Peace - First Conditional
02. World Peace - Let Him Be Filthy Still
03. World Peace - In Search of Fortune and Repose in Virgin Forests
04. World Peace - Beloved Only
05. Blame God - Home Invasion
06. Blame God - False Imprisonment
07. Blame God - Organic Debris