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Three One G


Geronimo "Geronimo"


Some background on the events leading to this release: Ruiz plays with Beck ‘til the “Zankow zealot” gets signed sans band. Ruiz forms Sleestak, a quartet with Francoso, Gandara and Nelson (Man Is The Bastard + The Bastard Noise). Sleestak releases two full length CDs, then dissolves in the late 90’s when Ruiz joins Slowrider until its demise in 04 (which included an unmasked member of Brujeria as well as Oiler/Sarah Spoden vet Gomez). Geronimo reunites Francoso/Nelson/Ruiz in ‘05 with the vision of a powerful minimalist sound for the purpose of a short Japanese tour. Upon return, Geronimo works to complete the 2007 self-titled Three One G session that features vocals from Sandor GF, Pete Majors (both from now defunct Harassor) and David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Qui) accompanied by a peculiar hodgepodge of homemade Trogotronic instruments. Good luck finding something similar to reference for the sake of “journalism” or sales points.

Track Listing:
01. Firewater
02. Headdress
03. Coyote
04. Spiritwalker
05. Medicine Man
06. Face Peeler
07. Prints Tie