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Weathering / Ease "Split"


Sacramento alternative bands Weathering and Ease consist of veteran musicians in their local scene—yet both bands are still relatively new up-and-comers.

Weathering was formed in 2019 by members Elinor Carbone and Alex Acuna (Formerly of Anxious Arms). The band released their debut EP, I Come Down last year on SDR and have kept busy over the past few months releasing demos, covers, and b-sides on their Bandcamp. This summer they return with 'Changing Colors’, showcasing a more catchy and energetic side of the band's sound.

Originally formed at the start of 2016 by Daniel Trombley and Christian Burnett, Ease is an emo/post-hardcore project that features members of Fake It and Anxious Arms. Drawing influences from bands like Title Fight, Defeater, and Touche Amore, Ease speaks in dynamically and sonically aggressive vignettes. The band returned from a several year hiatus in 2020 with the re-release of their 2016 EP, Roots, and more recently with a newly recorded version of ‘Lifetime’.

Track Listing:
01. Changing Colors
02. Lifetime