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The Sunset Doctrine "Lost & Left Behind"


The Sunset Doctrine is the solo project of Sean Lazaga from San Antonio, Texas.

Weaving intricate melodies with earnest lyrics, Lazaga draws inspiration from the intrapersonal—wandering between intimate acoustics and layered loops in a nostalgic stream of consciousness awash in natural light.

Written during the time between adolescence and adulthood, “Lost & Left Behind” is an honest look at the struggle with coming of age without coming undone. From the quiet pining for a youth removed to the reflections on relationships losing ground, each track details a different feeling of loss while exploring the thoughts that arise in response. Despite its six-song runtime, they each come together to create a record that’s as emotive as it is dynamic—encompassing every driving movement and silent stagnancy experienced while learning what it means to grow up.

Track Listing:
01. Quiet Bloom
02. Relight The Reel
03. ’97 Crown
04. How I Spent My Fall Semester
05. Kenopsia
06. Only Heaven