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Spark "Supernova"


Consistently looking within, questioning, and finding solutions to become a better person is an overall theme Spark has established in their music. On their first LP, “Supernova”, vocalist, Andy Villhauer dials on these themes from song to song, expressing rage for the way things are and encouraging positivity and growth. There’s truly a “Supernova” of emotions heard throughout the LP, with the backing of decades of influences of hardcore—from the sounds of DC’s revolution summer to the straight edge revival of the late 90s–early 00s. Fabian, Yannick, Chris and Jonah are at their strongest here, creating dynamic, expressive and melodic hardcore.

With the help of producer David Deutsch, Colin Knight and Will Killingsworth wrapping up mixing and mastering respectively, Spark shines on their first LP, creating a concise, emotional, and modern hardcore LP.

Track Listing:
01. Ignition
02. Nothing (To You)
03. True Sight
04. Than to Fade Away
05. Reach
06. Wave Nature
07. Pain Not Peace
08. Evasion
09. Supernova
10. Shine