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Park "Building A Better ______"


Park's Building A Better ______ builds off of their previous album, and continues to improve more on the mature and complex sound. This was the third album in 2006 on Lobster Records and the band's last before their hiatus until 2013. The album is a change of pace from their previous albums. It sounds fresh and new, however familiar because it still sounds like Park. It combines the sounds the band has so well put together in the past into one album. It's dark, enjoyable, intricate, and loud - a combination only Park could master so well.

Track Listing:
01. The Trophy Wife
02. Mississippi Burning
03. Who Is Aliandra
04. Angles and Errors
05. A Message
06. Chica Chica
07. La Amoureux
08. Irukandji
09. Intro
10. Hide and Seek
11. [Untitled Track]