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Leaving Time "II"


For many years, the music from Florida has been known across America, thanks to the thriving hardcore scene throughout the state, plenty of bands and projects, and previous & contemporary labels like IOU Records, From Within Records + more who have supported and given the bands a platform. Leaving Time is a current band whose name seems to be a gem to locals and to others who have discovered their 2021 self-titled EP released on Tiger Records, a local record store in Jacksonville.

Formed in 2020 while members Joel Cedeno, Nick Dilts, Jarod Whalen, and Reed Cothren previously & simultaneously played in bands True Form, Method of Doubt, and more—Leaving Time sonically stands out from the aforementioned. Taking inspiration from the notable '90s alternative-rock and shoegaze sound, Leaving Time adds much of their own to the sound. Subtle nuances like the whirling guitar leads and hardcore-inspired drums give each song a driving punch, taking the singular "shoegaze" descriptor out of the picture. On EP II, the band again connected with Gainesville producer, John Howard to write some of their best songs to date. Pushing the sound heard on their S/T, EP II finds the band coming to form.

Track Listing:
01. End
02. RDO
03. Part II
04. Slip